Commercial HVAC – What You Need to Know!

Commercial HVAC – What you need to know!

Business owners are plagued with making decisions every day on company expenses for which they do not have full understanding in order to make educated purchases.  We cannot all be experts in everything!  This is especially true when it comes to large costs around building maintenance or upgrades, like HVAC systems.  If you are a business owner and have ever been abruptly forced into a quick decision because your HVAC unit went out at the offices, you can relate to project bids coming in with variances that are hard to explain on both cost of equipment, but also installation.  How do you know the best ways to compare and assure you are getting both quality equipment and service?  We can help with these few pointers!

Understand the basics of the equipment and rely on the experts.  The type of system, by both the standard of brand choice, the product features and performance expectations, and control systems are the first important details to consider.  Our HVAC experts in the industry can guide any business owner or purchasing agent based on the unique facility analysis as to the proper unit format – including rooftop units, split systems, or self-contained units.  Hot2Cold Trane experts might also suggest ductless options like the VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) System, which is a more complex technology than the simpler water-cooled system but can be the more efficient recommendation considering energy costs and longer equipment life.  Tip:  The equipment you are considering is a constant variable but the application of it is an unknown variant and recommendations will be made on conditions unique to your needs including air handling, energy storage, precision cooling and even the possible need of comfort-enhancing control add-ons.  

Know the specifications of installation. Just as the equipment has variable data for consideration, the installation costs will mirror the complexity of your system.  A business may have a simple singular unit and thermostat controls, while otherwise complex systems and multiple locations require connectivity and cloud services, energy monitoring and management resources.  Tip: Connection points are a significant focus of cost analysis for installation and can vary depending on the system and setup, as well as system startup considerations like permits, filing, inspections and trim which will require testing. 

Your Hot2Cold representative recommends regular maintenance to optimize the efficiency of your unit.  Contact Larry Sims 318-224-7003 for more information