HVAC Myths – Busted!

HVAC – a funny sounding acronym that comes with its own list of myths and legends.  Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) does not mean much to the average person until there is an issue.  How do you know how to separate fact from fiction when there are so many varying opinions from experts in the field? Hot2Cold is going to help you, your family or your business debunk some of the most common myths associated with HVAC maintenance and repair. 

Myth #1: Your HVAC system filters only require a once per year replacement of the filter.   Busted!  Think about if you only showered once per year!  The dirt would clog pores and you would be making regular visits to a dermatologist.  Dirty filters clog the system and reduce air flow.  Your Hot2Cold team recommends changing the filters every few months to keep the system operating at capacity.

Myth #2: A larger unit means better performance.  Busted!  The size of the unit for your home or business is important to the efficiency of the system.  A unit too large will simply cycle on and off, using more energy and ultimately costing more on utilities.  This type of toggling on the unit can shorten the lifespan and require replacement long before should have been necessary.  

Myth #3: Minimizing or shutting off air flow to large workspaces or empty rooms increases energy efficiency. Busted! Partially closing air vents can, in fact, increase the pressure in the ducts and cause potential leaks.  Shutting off air flow can redirect unnecessary air pressure resulting in the same leaks at the vent seams.

Myth #4: Thermostat location does not play a role in the efficiency of the unit.  Busted! Location of the thermostat can cause false unit reactions to temperature level adjustments, because the thermostat might be placed too close to windows or vents.  This results in the unit prematurely shutting down before it cycled through efficiently.

Myth #5:  Turning the Air Conditioning up where it will go off when leaving the house or business is more energy efficient than completely turning it off.  Busted!  Programmable thermostats are the best for saving energy by automatically turning your AC off when needed. Shutting your system off rather than adjusting temperature when not using it is always the more energy efficient option.

Your Hot2Cold representative recommends regular maintenance to optimize the efficiency of your unit.  Contact Larry Sims 318-224-7003 for more information