Just Like That, Spring and Summer Are Knocking at Your Door!

It’s just like Louisiana weather to hand out a snowstorm that challenges our very existence, and then turn around and tease with sunny, cool spring weather days!  One might anticipate some issues with the HVAC system that goes from heat at full speed to A/C overnight.  This article identifies some of the most common spring HVAC issues you might encounter without a regular maintenance program on your unit.  Don’t wait for the seasons to change, be proactive and stay ahead of the game!

1. HVAC systems have two different sets of coils, each of which play important roles in the proper functioning of your system.  The evaporator coils inside your home, if not serviced, might become covered in dust and dander which makes it nearly impossible to keep your home at comfortable temperatures.  The outdoor condenser/compressor, after a hard winter, can show signs of grime, mud and exterior debris or elements that cause the unit to be overworked. 

2. A sudden change in temperatures can cause condensation on your outdoor unit.  Small amounts of moisture on the unit pad below the condenser is somewhat normal.  If the moisture is more significant or you think there may be refrigerant leaking of the gaskets, this is a serious issue that should be attended to by a licensed technician as soon as possible.

3. Thermostats, primarily mechanical in nature, are outdated if more than a decade old.  The older mechanical thermostats are notorious for inaccuracies that can be problematic because if it’s not reporting the proper room temperature, constant manual resets cause the unit to overwork.  More modern programmable thermostats help to conserve energy and optimize your unit’s performance.

4. Cleaning the condensate drain is a priority for preventing algae, mold growth and clogged drains.  The condensate drain which removes condensation produced by the unit evaporator coil, is often overlooked. Without proper maintenance, it will overflow and could cause damage to a person’s ceiling, attic or even leaks to floor from an air conditioning closet.

5. Spring cleaning doesn’t just mean closets, it means air filters, too!  It is advisable to replace the air filters in your home once every two to three months.  If anyone in the household has allergens of any sort, it is best to replace them even as often as once a month.  Not properly replacing filters is one of the most common mistakes that homeowners make and can cause the most damage.  Clogged filters cause increased pressure inside the ducts and risk for leaks.

6. Heavy winter weather can sometimes cause breakers to trip.  This is a common mishap in a springtime HVAC maintenance of a unit.  Many times the HVAC switch in your breaker box just needs to be reset.  Familiarize yourself with your electrical system and the location of your breaker box.  This can be an easy fix without professional help!

7. Debris can wreak havoc on an HVAC unit.  The outdoor condenser is one of the most important parts of your entire HVAC system and if actual debris gets inside the unit or there is damage caused by debris to the unit, the issues multiply rapidly.  It is advisable to clear the space within a few feet around your outdoor unit of any type of overhanging or surrounding debris.

Your Hot2Cold representative recommends seasonal unit maintenance for the survey of conditions and performance, proper airflow and blow operation, electrical components, and safety controls.  Contact Larry Sims 318-224-7003 for more information