Do you suffer through allergies this time of year?  Coughing, sneezing, runny/watery eyes, and stuffy head?  This may sound like we are talking about an over-the-counter allergy medicine, but there are other ways to help alleviate allergies that do not require a trip to the local corner drugstore.  There are at least 5 steps you can take in prepping your HVAC unit that will help alleviate allergens in your home.

Step 1:  Clean and/or replace your air ducts!  Allergens do NOT just exist in the outdoors.  Unfortunately, there are plenty of indoor allergens that can trigger the burdensome symptoms those with allergies are oh so familiar with.  This includes mold and mildew, indoor plants, dust mites and pet dander; not to mention the pollen and ragweed tracked into the home.  When the air ducts are clogged with any of these culprits, it can pollute the air you are recirculating in your home.

Step 2. Replace air filters regularly!  This is an easy and efficient way to help alleviate allergens in the home.  Too many times, replacing the air filter is overlooked for months at a time.  You know you have been negligent when you pull your air filter, and it appears more like a furry pet than an actual filter.  Imagine what is escaping into the air you breath!  Head to the store now and be sure to get the higher quality HEPA filters to capture the most airborne particles.  Get a few and put it on your calendar to change them out every 2-3 months.

Step 3. Control the Humidity with Air Purifiers!  Stagnant air and/or the maintained temperature in a home can make humidity levels fluctuate dramatically.  An environment of such is prime to cause trouble with the quality of the air.  Air purifiers will help capture unwanted pollutants and particles through a fine paper, fiber or mesh and circulate the clean air back into the home.  Also, to note, with programmable thermostats, your unit can be set to cycle for certain durations to help pump in fresh outdoor air and circulating out the stale indoor air.

Step 4. Schedule Spring Maintenance on Outdoor Unit!  This job is typically not a good DIY project.  Contract professional, licensed HVAC with Hot2Cold to go through the maintenance steps that will help address some of the allergy concerns.  Bacteria and microbes may be growing in and around your outdoor unit where the conditions provide an environment where this growth is optimal. Sometimes UV light is recommended to kill bacteria and help minimize any harmful growth around the unit.  Outdoor units should also be kept free from debris and inspected seasonally for any possible damage or intrusion to the workings of the unit. 

Step 5.  Dust!  Of all the places and items you dust regularly in the home, there are a few other areas no one ever thinks about – the indoor registers and returns of your HVAC unit.  Dusting in and around these areas on a regular monthly basis will help to minimize the compilation of dust mites and pet dander into the air filters and ducts.

Your Hot2Cold representative recommends regular proper maintenance to optimize the efficiency of your unit.  Contact Larry Sims 318-224-7003 for more information