Hot2Cold is a licensed HVAC company with the training and expertise to manage all of your air conditioning service needs, whether routine maintenance or emergency call to action.  Our technicians encourage a regular maintenance plan on your cooling system to keep it operating as efficiently as possible, ultimately reducing energy usage. Have your system serviced for reliable operation, early detection of small performance issues, preservation of warranties, and even savings with clean filters and full-capacity fan operation.  We are licensed and insured to assure comfort on even the hottest days.


When your cooling system begins to give you trouble, either performing erratically or not at all, our goal is to implement swift, efficient processes to repair your air conditioning system.  We are authorized to repair and service your air conditioning unit, no matter the make and model.  If repair leads to replacement, Hot2Cold carries a variety of high-quality, efficient air conditioners that can meet the desired need and budget.


Regular maintenance on your HVAC system is important to the functionality and performance of your unit.

Recommended maintenance quarterly program:
– Checking the condition and cleanliness of the unit; removing debris, cleaning fins and evaporator coils and drains
– Confirming proper airflow and blower operation; checking and changing the blower filter, if necessary
– Checking electrical components – analyzing controls and safety devices


Investing in a new air conditioner goes beyond just finding the best system.  Proper installation is just as important as the right equipment. Consideration should be given to the professional installation of the equipment by trained technicians.  Our Hot2Cold technicians will stabilize and check for proper clearance, install piping and wiring, and prepare the system for qualified testing.

Testing will include inspection for leaks to make certain the system is running correctly.  When you hire our experts, you can count on an installation that results in comfortable and dependable operation of your air conditioner; running as it was manufactured to do because the details of proper sizing, placement, clearance and other variables were covered by a trained installer.