Furnace Repair

Taking care of your HVAC equipment, whether it’s your furnace, air conditioning or heater, is critical to the performance of your equipment. With the way the weather in Louisiana oscillates, it makes service repair even more important. Our team of specialists are trained to care troubleshooting any issues with your furnace equipment. Of course, service to any equipment is easier when annual service is performed and repairs are made in a timely fashion so as to maximize the life of the equipment. Regardless of your furnace’s make or model, our service technicians can repair and maintenance any brand.

New Furnace Installation

There are a few alerts that will help you and our technicians determine whether there is the need for replacement or simply repair of your furnace.

  • Inconsistent Heating
  • Loud Noises From Improperly-Sized Systems
  • Energy Expense

Any furnace 12 years or older has a greater risk of concern; especially if you see that your repair costs are at 50% or more of the rate of the furnace.

Hot2Cold can make solid recommendations on a furnace that will keep a consistent temperature, making for a comfortable home environment. Proper installation is just as important as the right equipment. Our expert professionals are trained on service, repair and installation. When it is time to install your new furnace, our representatives will remove your old furnace unit, and prepare the wiring and duct work to be connected, sealed, and tested. Ducts will be inspected for leaks and airflow measured to make certain the system is running correctly.

Heating Repairs

When your heating system begins to give you trouble, either performing erratically or not at all, our goal is to implement swift, efficient processes to repair your heating system.  We are authorized to repair and service your  heating unit, no matter the make and model.  If repair leads to replacement, Hot2Cold carries a variety of high-quality, efficient  air conditioners that can meet the desired need and budget.

Heating Maintenance

Recommended maintenance quarterly program:

  • Checking the Condition and Cleanliness of Burners and Heat Exchanger
  • Confirming Proper Airflow and Blower Operation
  • Checking Electrical Components
  • Review Furnace Operation – Analyzing Controls and Safety Devices

Heat Pump Systems, Ductless Heating

Ductless split heat pumps differ from traditional heating and cooling systems in that they provide both heating and cooling  through a single device and avoid all the bulky ductwork.  They achieve an Energy Star rating for saving energy and protecting  the environment.